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Creating Book Excerpts That Sell
3 Easy Steps for Creating Your Blog Tour
Pitch Perfect – Crafting Your Elevator Pitch in 4 Easy Steps
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Creating Book Excerpts That Sell

As you plan your blog tour or virtual book tour you will need a book excerpt that is compelling enough to convince your potential host blogger to have you as a guest.

A book excerpt is an online document that provides a description of your book, a passage from the text, cover artwork and an author biography and photo. The purpose of your excerpt is to persuade your potential host blogger to host your appearance, promote your appearance to the host blog’s audience as well as to prepare the blog readers to discuss issues and ideas raised in your book.

3 Easy Steps for Creating Your Blog Tour

A great way to introduce your book to readers is with a series of appearances on blogs that cater to your audience – a blog tour. Also called a virtual book tour or guest blogging. Blog tours are especially helpful in launching new books. They can expose your book to a much larger audience that a traditional bookstore tour and require no travel, less time and money.   Typically blog tours start with a description and excerpt of a book on the host blog to publicize the author’s appearance before the tour.

Pitch Perfect – Crafting Your Elevator Pitch in 4 Easy Steps

As an author do you need an elevator pitch? Isn’t that just for sales people? The answer is no.  Every encounter with another person is an opportunity to promote yourself, your work and your brand. The next person you meet may be a potential customer, reviewer, fan, book agent or publisher. If you’re unable to succinctly tell someone who you are and what you do that makes you different from everyone else, you may be losing out on a golden opportunity. You don’t have to come across as a sleazy, pushy salesperson.

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A DIY Guide to Creating Your Book Trailer At No Cost

If a picture is worth  a 1,000 words, the moving pictures in video have got to be worth at least a 100,000. People love short videos. They’re easy to watch and to share which makes book trailers a great way to promote your book on blogs and social media.  Book trailers are video advertisements for your book similar to a movie trailer. Also known as book videos or book teasers, they are a powerful trend  in book promotion.  Just like a good movie trailer can generate buzz about a new film months before it is released, a book trailer can serve as a great marketing tool in creating pre-release interest in your book.

Winning Writing Contests as A Marketing Tool

Entering writing contests is a great way to win awards, cash and press. Simply entering your book gives it some exposure and should you win an award, you now have a new marketing tool that can open some new doors. You will now be able to describe yourself as a winner of the award, use that blurb on all promotional material and even on your book cover which can help persuade book stores to include your book in their offering. In addition, the news release announcing the winner of the award will also trigger Google and Talkwalker alerts further increasing exposure.

Best Tactics for Twitter Promotions

Although Twitter delivers a smaller but more active audience than Facebook, it is less understood as a marketing tool. However, recent studies from Optimal, Buddy Media and Bit.ly shed some much-needed light on how and when to best use Twitter for promotions. All social media marketing must include calls to action with the goal of converting a user into a customer. Recently Twitter analyzed more than 20,000 promoted tweets over a 3-month period, comparing promoted tweets without calls to action with those that included them.

Twitter 101 for Authors

Twitter has 500 million registered users and 200 million active users (and counting) offering access to a huge potential reader base. It is one of the 10 most popular sites on the Internet and as such should be considered as part of your social media campaign. Being followed on Twitter is an incredibly strong sign of online affinity for you and your work. These self-selected prospects are indicating an interest in you and are asking to hear from you.  

As an author should tweeting be part of your marketing?

Stay SMART with Your Social Media Campaign

As with any marketing campaign, your social media campaign has to be measured to be managed. Metrics will give you the data you need to fine-tune your campaign to produce the best results. This means your campaign goals need to pass the SMART test.  

All your goals have to be SMART (Specific,Measurable,Achievable,Relevant andTimely): 

#1 – Specific This first criterion stresses the need for a specific goal with your campaign. What’s your overall objective? How will you define success?